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How to Stop Time Machine Backing up Every Freaking Hour?


By default, your Time Machine makes backups every hour. But we wonder, who actually needs backups done that often? With such tools as Dropbox, Ulysses and SSD drive, frequent backups might be too much. After all, they are just annoying when you are using a new Mac and absolutely nightmarish if your Mac is older. Very often, automatic backups slow everything down and interrupt your work all the time. In fact, it doesn’t matter what are your reasons to complain about Time Machine backups, because there us a TimeMachineEditor to solve this problem. This is a free tool for OS X that helps you control the Time Machine and its schedule.

When your Time Machine needs some editing

There is no doubt that Time Machine is amazing. It helps millions of users to have automatic backups; otherwise, they would not have any. Default settings of the Time Machine encourage it to create the following backups:

  • Hourly backups for the last twenty-four hours
  • Local snapshots
  • Daily backups for the last month
  • Weekly backups for previous months

When the backup space fills up, the program deletes the oldest ones to get some free space for new backups. The sad thing is that there is no way to change the schedule unless you disable your Time Machine or skip the backup every time it starts.

The TimeMachineEditor allows user to choose the time for backups. This simple software gives a significant set of scheduling options for your Time Machine. You are free to set everything manually, choosing the option that suits you best. There is an option of running backups when your laptop is idle, setting the schedule by interval, or using a calendar.


With the help of TimeMachineEditor, schedules could be set in days, hours and weeks. Also, you can disable backups at all – this is especially helpful when you are watching TV programs every evening and don’t want to overload your hard drive or change information on your computer while working. These actions make a Time Machine work as crazy.
Also, you can use Interval option to switch local snapshots on and off. These snapshots capture versions of your files when you change them and store them on the local drive, which lets you easily come back to the previous versions of your work without recurring to a separate backup.

Calendar backup

You can set as many backups based on a calendar, as you may need. Also, you can use calendar to create a schedule and make a list of backup tasks by day and time. You can set backups and let them run every midnight, for example. Especially, if you are one of those people who let their laptop work 24/7 without turning it off at least at night.

Idle backup

If you are annoyed with backups that interrupt your work, then try “when inactive” option. It makes a backup only when your computer is idle. This option is especially great when you use your laptop for video editing or any other disk-heavy work and need your backups to be done regularly. Also, there is a slot that turns off backups at all, even if you are away from your laptop.

TimeMachineEditor is only for editing

Remember that TimeMachineeditor doesn’t take full control over the backups. This tool just edits the schedule, while everything is still done by the initial program – Time Machine. Considering this, Editor supports everything that Time Machine does, including features like Power Nap and other.

And one more thing

Be aware that your laptop might become slow not only because Time Machine is making backups all the time. The main reason is usually a clutter formed with useless files, duplicates, browser history, cookies, and other trash. Make sure that you clean disk space on Mac regularly to save your nerves and computer from a spoilage. The fastest and cheapest way to do that is to install Macspeed – a tool for simple laptop cleaning.

Author Michelle Hunt

Michelle Hunt is an R&D specialist by a profession. But her love for helping people in all aspects of online content management made her a freelance writer in any sphere you can imagine. Being passionate about writing, she also cooperates with different websites as a guest writer including Ninjaessay website. In her spare time, she enjoys photography and travelling.