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Release of macOS High Sierra 10.13.4. What’s New?


Recently Apple presented new macOS 10.13.4 which goes hand in hand with iOS version 11.3. In addition, the same day were also presented such updates as Business Chat, GPU support, iCloud messages and a few less important ones. Gorgeous wallpaper with iMac Pro included – and what else can Apple offer its users?

New features

The feature of business chat will be available on such Apple devices as iPhone and iPad, also Apple Watch but not Mac. Users can use this function via Maps, Safari, Spotlight and of course Siri. As for GPUs, these are video cards that are running on PCI breakout box. It lets Mac to put to newer ones and is especially important for Macbook Pros.

The feature of iCloud messages moves it from iMessages to…iCloud, you know. You do not need to keep everything locally anymore when using different Apple devices – all these files will be safely stored and save you lots of space.

Release notes

With recent update now macOS has improved performance, stability and also security of your device and is recommended for use. It adds support for graphics processors and business chat conversations, graphic corruption problems are fixed and do not affect the work of apps to clean. You can also:


  • jump to the right-most open tab (in Safari press Command+9) and sort bookmarks by URL or name;
  • see warnings in the Safari Smart Search Field when you are using password forms or your card on non-encrypted Internet pages;
  • see privacy links and icons explaining how your data is used and protected when using personal information.

In addition, the update fixes the problem with macspeed and when web previews were appearing in messages and helps to keep privacy with auto filling (passwords and usernames) in Safari. Sounds really impressive, huh?