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Recent News: Bugs in macOS High Sierra Reveal Passwords


It turned out Mac OS is not that secure as believed. In the latest version there was found a bug that lets access the system with blank password – that puts the whole data in danger. The flaw was noticed some weeks later and quickly fixed, but developers still call this bug a huge security issue. If you do not believe, you can check yourself: go to system Preferences > users & groups > click the lock to make changes. Then click root and enter no password. Repeat for a few times and … surprise!

Log in problems

The bug had no impact on macspeed and previous Mac OS versions and can operate on unlocked Mac, passing by security settings and turning off the File Vault. It can also be operated on locked Mac at the login screen even if you reboot the system and even remotely. Originally the security bug was a solution to the problem with user log in.

On support forum of Apple developers where people discussed such things as start up disk full problems, one of them wrote: click Other on startup, enter root as username and leave the field for password empty – then press enter twice. If you log in, it makes you the admin. There was a huge surprise that software from Apple allowed such actions.

Security problems

It was really embarrassing for the company. But it is also dangerous: the security experts compare it with the locked door which with many attempts just suddenly opens without a key. Experts also state that you should not check it yourself because once you try, the flow can be easier operated even on locked device. Creating a root account you make the system vulnerable even for remote access. For Apple, security has always been top priority. Now the engineers claim that they will do their best to prevent it from happening. Well, we hope so!