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iMac Pro Review: Beautiful and Powerful


It is the professional device which provides you with macspeed, convenience and gigabytes of free storage. If you are still hesitation to buy or not to buy, we have prepared a short guide describing the capabilities of this device. Briefly, why would someone need iMac Pro?

You need iMac, if you want:

  • quiet like whisper operations;
  • all-in-one workstation class;
  • advanced encryption and extra fast storage;
  • huge amounts of memory and boot protection;
  • great graphic options.

You do not need iMac, if it is enough for you to have:

  • Apple Pay and Nvidia graphics;
  • Touch and Face ID;
  • Lots of slots and bays;
  • Tower workstation-class;
  • Accessible for users memory and storage.

If you belong to the first type who clean your iMac and love everything about iMac, you are welcome! Wide magnificent 5K display, gorgeous all-in-one design, graphics, powerful processor, gigabytes of memory and storage – this is what you get buying iMac Pro.

iMac look and feel

iMac looks just like…iMac. From outside it is 27 inch millimeter-for-millimeter device but there are differences in speakers, vents, mics, ports and mounting options. In addition, it has space gray color and looks like a badass. The biggest and most valuable thing is mounting options: you do not have to choose anymore between VESA and a standard mount. Buying both, you can switch all the time (thanks God!). 5K display is the same as non Pro iMacs have which is not that bad.

iMac heart

The heart of the whole mechanism is something new – not just Intel Core or Xeon processors, but Xeon W. Apple offers 8-, 10-, 14-, or 18-core versions, all of them can boast with 1MB of L2 cache and provides extra boost to performance which is awesome for intense computing work. When comes to graphics, iMac has new AMD Radeon Pro Vega which provides up to 4096 stream processors. Apple also provided beta support for GPU.

Falling in love with iMac

Prices for iMac start from $4999 and it is no surprise – it is totally worth its money. Depending on memory, number of cores, graphics and storage options you may double this price easily. It may sound expensive, but if we break it into units, you will get 3x to 4x performance for around 3x to 4x cost (roughly). Many regular users have difficulties making the choice between new iMac and saving this money for something brilliant. This question is easy to answer: would you benefit from this purchase right now or you are fine with your old device?

You never know what is going to be released in the future, you only live now. All you can do is make the right decision based on your current needs. If a regular iMac is enough – no worries. But if you are looking for something more powerful – then choose iMac Pro which is hot new machine. It will help you do work faster and pay for itself saving you time ad money, so enjoy the hell out of it!