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How to Get Rid of Facebook and other Third-Party Accounts on Your Mac


After release of iOS 11 Apple decided to get rid of the built-in integration of the system with such social networks as Facebook and Twitter in light of recent scandal around it. This feature allowed owners of iPhones and iPads keep the information about their third party accounts and then access it within the app using those services. Now this feature is removed by the company from Mac OS although it can change with release of the next version.

In this article we will show you how to remove such third party accounts as Facebook manually from your Mac (or you can just get simple Mac app remover). You should also note that this brief guide lets you just delete associated accounts from the system level in your Mac – it does not mean you cannot access your account by logging in on website or official iOS app.

6 steps to remove your accounts from the system

Follow this steps to do everything quickly and easily:

  1. Click on the symbol of Apple in the menu bar on the desktop and then press System Preferences.
  2. Move to the pane Internet Accounts.
  3. Choose the account you want to remove in the left column.
  4. Press the button minus (-) at the bottom of this column.
  5. Press OK when the system asks you if you are sure.
  6. The system may ask you whether you want to save any contacts that are related to this account and which are stores in the iCloud. Then press Delete from Mac.

That is it. You may still log in to your Facebook and Twitter accounts using your browser, but now it will be safer and better option to do!