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How to Clear Cache on Mac to Get More Free Space

When hearing the phrase like to clear cache on Mac, some people get into panic. In fact, the cache is nothing else than a space on Mac’s hard disk devoted to the browser-related issues. For instance, one can find here all the recent and eldest downloads. So, this place is useful for finding the important data which was once lost.

On the other hand, this particular location has to be scanned and emptied on a regular basis. Otherwise, the browser may start running smoothly making you yawn. To avoid this sluggish behavior, it is critical to know what information you might need and what information makes no sense for you to keep it in the cache. Delete the cache to ensure your browser will be working faster.

Still don’t understand the role of cache in memory clean Mac process? Cache files save tones of information about the user’s browsing history. The bigger the file is, the more adverse impact it has on the performance of your device. Large cache files slow down the whole work of your Mac. Free this space in order to store real memorable and dear moments instead of some junk.

How to Clear Cache Files: Technique #1

The main question so far is ‘How to empty cache on Mac?’; There are two best known methods. You can always remove browser cookies and delete entire history or its part by hands.

Sure thing, to complete the process manually, you will need some basic knowledge and short guide. How to clear Mac cache files manually?

Stage 1. Go to the Finder a Pick “Go to Folder”.
Stage 2. Click on the “Go” menu a Refrain Option √† Select “Library” when the dropdown menu pops up.
Stage 3. It’s time to move to the “Cache” folder a Here, you will need to access “com.apple.Safari” folder in order to discover the file titled “cache.db” Replace the file to the Trash Bin.

Wait, wait, wait. Don’t be in a hurry. It is fair to admit that this approach is time-consuming and difficult for regular user. It does not mean you necessarily need an expert by your side to fulfill this task. Besides, the instructions provided above work only with Safari browser. Thus, it’s important to take into account your frequently used browser.


If you apply several browsers at a time, you should remember that each one has to be cleaned.

Another reply to the question ‘How to clear cache on Mac’ is less complicated and user-friendly. As Firefox and Chrome are both multiple browsers, they would require even more time and efforts. What for should you waste your time on clearing cache manually? Someday, there was no better solution. Thanks to the recent progress, it became possible to offer efficient utility for such purposes. It is known as. At least, it’s one of the top solutions to the discussed case.

Professional Mac cleaning tool will save your time, money, and nerves. You can have one right now free of charge! We will go a bit into details. This special software is an effective and secure computer junk remover for Mac users all over the world. With its help, one can eliminate the cache, remove cookies, clean up histories or part of them, renew sessions, etc. it does not matter what kind of browser you prefer – the utility deals equally good with all three popular browsers.

Moreover, it offers an opportunity to toss away all system trash, application leftover, and dangerous viruses. These steps play a critical role in protecting user’s private details and increasing his confidentiality. Try easing your Mac task with this impressive novelty.