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How to Check Free Hard Drive Space on Your Mac


Today almost every computer or laptop uses multi-terabyte hard drives and many of us are totally sure there is always enough space on them for keeping files and downloads. However, even largest of these hard drives are eventually filled up so you should keep an eye on available storage space on your Mac. If you do not know how to check it on your MacOS X, there are five steps to do it easily.

Option 1: from the Finder

If you do not know what to do, always start looking from Finder. Here are actually two possible options, and this is one of them: preview the device of your storage. If you choose an item in Finder on your Mac OS and then press the spacebar you will get its preview without actually opening it. You may use this to check the capacity of your storage device:

1. Tap on storage device on the desktop (if you want it to appear on your desktop, open Finder and choose Finder > Preferences > General > Show these items on the Desktop. You can also open Finder and in the left column under the heading Devices choose storage device.

2. After you press the spacebar you will see a window showing the capacity of your storage device and also free space available on it.


3. Press spacebar or Command-W to close the window or just click circle X in the upper left of the window. Done!

Option 2: from the Finder

In this case you can use status bar in Finder window. If you want to get an overview of available disk space at all times, turn on the status bar. Here is how to do it:

1. Open Finder (File > New Finder window).

2. Click on the menu View and choose the option Show status bar. You will see how many items there are in the folder now and view the folders of Apps and Documents where you can see free space on your hard drive.

Option 3: get information

Here you can do the following:

1. Open Finder and choose hard drive. If it does not appear in sidebar or on Mac desktop, you can click the icon of hard drive via Go > Computer > Hard Drive (under icon Devices).

2. Click File in the menu and then choose Get Info (you can also use Command-I on the keyboard). The window will show you the capacity of hard drive, free and used space and other related information. Here you can also clean hard drive Mac.

Option 4: window about this Mac

In more recent MacOS versions (starting from Yosemite) you can check the usage of your desk just pressing the general About box. Here is how to do it:

1. Open the menu and choose About This Mac option.

2. Click toolbar, then Storage and see how much storage is available (if you have Mavericks OS or X Mountain Lion, then press the button More information and then Storage. In this section you will also have a brief overview of what kind of files are eating up your storage space the most.

Option 5: disk utility

The last option for today is to check available space on your Mac using Disk Utility application. Click the magnifying glass and then open Spotlight (upper-right corner of your screen). Then search for Disk Utility and once it appears in the list, press the key Enter. You can also find Disk Utility in Apps > Utilities.

When it opens, choose the name of your hard drive from the given list and see available space, used space, overall capacity of your hard drive and other info. In this window you can also check free space of any hard drive you connected to your Mac (like USB flash drive or external hard drive, whatever). Also you in this window you are able to clean hardrive Mac.

Just choose the easiest option for you and check the available space before downloading something to avoid any issues!