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Bloomberg: Three New Macs with Apple Coprocessors in Development, New iPad in Fall


The Bloomberg reports that Apple’s engineers are developing new Mac laptop models that would feature coprocessors similar to T1 and T2 chips featured by MacBook Pro and iMac Models. Also, the article informs that new iPad will be issued this year. There is a little information about these tools since they are announced as cool features and parts of the larger article about Apple’s chips located at the Bloomberg’s resource.

The Bloomberg doesn’t describe which model line will be getting these specific upgrades, but we have a couple of guesses. The publication specifies that Apple is developing two new laptops and a brand new desktop for an unspecified device. We believe that the Mac Pro is one of the most obvious “desktop” candidates, considering that T2 is already used in one of the strongest machines, but it also could be designed for iMac, too. The company informs that new Mac Pro is under development but doesn’t promise that customers will see it in 2018.

According to the rumors, MacBook Pros are not expected to be updated this year. However, updates for Retina MacBook are very likely to be expected, therefore it might be one of the models at stake. The T1 chip uses Touch ID and Touch Bar elements, including Secure Enclave. iMac Pro uses T2, which is more ambitious, acts as a controller for an SSD, has a Secure Boot and other functions.

If the next iPad is not issued this year, it is possible that Apple skips A11 series and goes right to A12 X equivalent. The latest iPads launched in 2017 use A10 X processors. It is unlikely that Apple will stick to A11 chip for a new iPad since new iPhones are likely to use A12.

The Bloomberg’s article describes the growth of company’s chip division. This departure is working on SoCs for iPads, iPhones, Apple Watch and coprocessors for new Macs. Apple could develop CPUs inside Macs, however this task requires moving away from x86 architecture to ARM, which is pretty complicated.

Bloomberg claims that right now Apple poaches engineers from Qualcomm, which has been a Apple’s cellular chips supplier for years. This means that the company is about to issue cellular baseband modem chip, although it is still not exactly known. Since the time of iPhone 7, Intel has appeared on the stage. Now, the forthcoming iPhones are expected to be without aby Qualcomm chips at all.

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