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Useful Tips

Best and Worst Mac VPNs: You Choose the One


Not all VPN providers can be named the best for your Mac taking into account the level of security, connection, speed and keeping privacy the users expect to get. Also it is worth to mention that many people look for avoiding censorship (like Chinese people when using Facebook) and that is hard to find in…

How to Stop Time Machine Backing up Every Freaking Hour?


By default, your Time Machine makes backups every hour. But we wonder, who actually needs backups done that often? With such tools as Dropbox, Ulysses and SSD drive, frequent backups might be too much. After all, they are just annoying when you are using a new Mac and absolutely nightmarish if your Mac is older….

8 Tips on How to Make Your SSD More Productive


Do not be frustrated if your Mac is running too slow – there are ways to speed it up. Today we will reveal a couple of tricks to make the best out of your SSD on a Mac. Start from scratch If you are enjoying your freshly bought MacBook with SSD, then there is no…