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Recent News: Bugs in macOS High Sierra Reveal Passwords


It turned out Mac OS is not that secure as believed. In the latest version there was found a bug that lets access the system with blank password – that puts the whole data in danger. The flaw was noticed some weeks later and quickly fixed, but developers still call this bug a huge security…

MacBook 2018: How Much Do You Expect?


After the article on how to clean diskspace on Mac we have something more interesting to share. For now, no reports, leak of information, rumors or people conversations can give an idea to what we are going to see in Mac book 2018. However, we will be happy to speculate based on what we know…

Release of macOS High Sierra 10.13.4. What’s New?


Recently Apple presented new macOS 10.13.4 which goes hand in hand with iOS version 11.3. In addition, the same day were also presented such updates as Business Chat, GPU support, iCloud messages and a few less important ones. Gorgeous wallpaper with iMac Pro included – and what else can Apple offer its users?

Best and Worst Mac VPNs: You Choose the One


Not all VPN providers can be named the best for your Mac taking into account the level of security, connection, speed and keeping privacy the users expect to get. Also it is worth to mention that many people look for avoiding censorship (like Chinese people when using Facebook) and that is hard to find in…

iMac Pro Review: Beautiful and Powerful


It is the professional device which provides you with macspeed, convenience and gigabytes of free storage. If you are still hesitation to buy or not to buy, we have prepared a short guide describing the capabilities of this device. Briefly, why would someone need iMac Pro?

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