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Do You Have Trouble with iCloud Drive Desktop and Documents?


Do you already know how to get rid of applications on Mac? Now MacOS 10.12 Sierra has a special feature that allows you to sync the folder Desktop and Documents on your Mac to iCloud Drive. The great thing about it is that you are not using other backup methods because all these files are…

Have You Already Tried the Best Twitter Clients for Your Mac?


Twitter no longer allows downloading its official desktop Mac client: even if you have already downloaded and installed the client, it is going to stop working pretty soon (less than a month from that). However, you should not be worried about that because there are still other Twitter clients available for downloading even after the…

How to Get Rid of Facebook and other Third-Party Accounts on Your Mac


After release of iOS 11 Apple decided to get rid of the built-in integration of the system with such social networks as Facebook and Twitter in light of recent scandal around it. This feature allowed owners of iPhones and iPads keep the information about their third party accounts and then access it within the app…

How to Check Free Hard Drive Space on Your Mac


Today almost every computer or laptop uses multi-terabyte hard drives and many of us are totally sure there is always enough space on them for keeping files and downloads. However, even largest of these hard drives are eventually filled up so you should keep an eye on available storage space on your Mac. If you…

What App Developers Actually Think About the App Store for Mac


According to recent surveys around seven hundred of Mac OS developers have interesting opinion regarding the marketplace of Apple. They face the challenges (not such ones like clearing cache manually) when selecting Mac App Store and have different opinions regarding life without it and how Apple has changed it for the better. Following the success…

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