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Best and Worst Mac VPNs: You Choose the One


Not all VPN providers can be named the best for your Mac taking into account the level of security, connection, speed and keeping privacy the users expect to get. Also it is worth to mention that many people look for avoiding censorship (like Chinese people when using Facebook) and that is hard to find in a standard VPN. VPN is a network encrypting all Internet traffic on your device running it via intermediary server in a desired location.

Choosing the service which will work on any Mac book, you should consider the following factors:

  • VPN app is available by provider;
  • Fast connection;
  • Strong encryption of data;
  • Huge worldwide network of servers.

So which one to choose? Let’s have a look.

Best VPNs for regular users

Talking about most reliable VPNs, you can choose from these three options:

  1. Express VPN. This service can boast with fast connection, unlimited speed and 1500 servers located in 94 countries. You can easily stream in HD and quickly download heavy files. VPN has no logs of your activity and perfect security, built in leak protection and 256-bit encryption. Express VPN is able to unblock such popular sites as Hulu and Netflix and has 24/7 chat support if you face difficulties in using. Easily used on mobile app and Mac OS.
  2. The so-called veteran of VPN providers, this VPN has 850 servers in over 60 countries and its macspeed is fast. The connection is secure and reliable; it has 256-bit encryption and is protected from leak. In personal settings you can make your IP address change over certain time and VPN keeps no data about your activity and details of connection which is convenient. However, it is not best in unblocking different streaming services, which is one of its cons.
  3. Private VPN. This provider made a strong first impression due to its security, speed and bypassing location restrictions. Despite the fact that it does not have many servers, it works great and the speed tests are above average. 256-bit encryption is used and protection from leak is also included. The service is logless and is one of the best if you want to unblock such websites as BBC iPlayer, Hulu and Netflix. A basic package lets you connect to 6 devices at once, live chat is available if you need support.

Dangerous VPNs for Mac OS

Our opinion is: no free VPNs, and not because of wasting money on other services, but because of possible problems with your OS. There is a number of reasons: the downloading can be slow or limited, there can be restrictions, poor privacy and problems with security, encryption that is out-of-date or activity tracking. Some of such free services can even sell your data to third parties and it is unacceptable.

For instance, let’s take GoVPN. It is believed to be good for iOS devices and particularly Mac. However, it does everything but VPN service. Even if you are connected, your IP address is still visible. Another example is Fresh VPN that offers a free trial. You only do not know that free trial runs out much earlier than stated 30 days – like in 5 minutes after start. Seriously. Only 5 minutes to check the service and buy the package. When you open App Store and type VPN, you have a list of apps claiming that they are totally free. Most of them have in-app purchases, bad connections and dangerous files that can ruin your Mac OS.

Mac security

Apple production is believed by many users to be the best (that is why many of them are ready to give their money) and Macs have most secure OS. However, there are still some reasons why you should use VPN on your Mac. First of all, it is privacy. The security of your Mac extends only to the information kept on your device but not the data passing via Internet. Downloading files you no longer can be sure in security and your Internet provider or any other person via public Wi-Fi can look at your online activity. This is dangerous because this data can be used against your interests.

Secondly, VPNs are very useful if you want to receive access to content restricted by location. For instance, if you want to watch videos or use apps available to users of UK, you can use VPN to connect and unblock this data. This works both for government blocking and the website itself. However, such websites as Hulu and Netflix have restrictions even for VPN users. In such cases, a few best VPNs for Mac can find a workaround and bypass VPN ban from any country (like Express VPN and Nord VPN).

In conclusion, it is worth to underline that sometimes it is not enough just to delete cookies. Mac VPN adds great layer of protection from such troubles we do not even know of. Buying a VPN you can protect yourself from hacker attacks and protect your data from stealing and being used against you. So if you care about your privacy and security, do not hesitate to choose the one which matches all your needs.