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Have You Already Tried the Best Twitter Clients for Your Mac?


Twitter no longer allows downloading its official desktop Mac client: even if you have already downloaded and installed the client, it is going to stop working pretty soon (less than a month from that). However, you should not be worried about that because there are still other Twitter clients available for downloading even after the official one stopped working. Some of them are even better, so maybe it is for the best.

Here we prepared for you the list of best alternatives for Twitter clients for your Mac. We believe you can choose the one you like most and keep working safely. Enjoy!

Top Twitter apps for your Mac

As it is no longer a surprise that Twitter has given up on its official app for Macs (which by the way was not even the best one and did not receive updates), we have gathered some good alternatives (not all of them are free but are really worth using).

You can upgrade to:

1. Tweetbot. This is a famous one so maybe you have even heard about it as it has been the best for many years. It looks awesome and has all required features for successful work in a Twitter app. The cost of this client is around $5 on iOS and $10 for Macs which is affordable and can be considered by people (for this price you can also delete cookies on Mac).

One of the best features in it is expanding the interface via different windows and columns which allows you to see direct messages, mentions, searches and timeline at once. The client also includes support of different accounts and lists and can integrate third party services.

2. Twitterrific 5. This one is pretty similar to Tweetbot, it looks great both on iOS and Mac and offers the same features. The cost of Twitterrific 5, however, is much higher – $20 on Mac and free on iOS. It has such features as timeline syncing, support of different timelines and accounts and also muting. It will be a good choice for anyone who seeks for quality and nice interface.

3. TweetDeck. It is one of official Twitter clients and is completely free to use and works much better than the one Twitter has just stopped using. It is rather a web application and not a macOS app, but it can be easily downloaded from App Store. This Twitter client supports as many columns as required and you can even customize the interface.

You may see different accounts at once and organize which tweets you are planning to post later and also see the number of clicks and views for your personal tweets. This option is not perfect, we would advise you choose one of two others, but if it is okay for you it can be a good free option.